Bissell Air320 Air Purifier Review in 2022 – Pros Cons & Specs

The Bissell Air320 is a sleek and effective air purifier that will make your home smell fresh with its high grade filters. It can remove dust particles in medium to large sized rooms while removing odors from within their reach, so you’re free of worries about pesky chemical smells.

In this Bissell Air320 review, we’ll discuss what makes this air purifier such an appealing choice, with its specs being summarized below:

Bissell Air320 Review

Bissell Air320 Air Purifier Specifications

NameBissell Air320
SensorsPM 2.5
Power Cord Length6'
Energy Consumption0.97 Amps
Filtration3 Stage
CADR Pollen241
CADR Dust206
CADR Smoke198
Air Changes Per Hour3 - (320 sq. ft. room); 1-(1000 sq. ft. room)
Purifier FiltrationPre Filter
HEPA Filter
Activated Carbon
Air InletFront
Filter Replacement IndicatorYes
Air OutletTop
Weight19.2 lbs
Dimensions14.5 (W) X 8.5 (D) X 25 (H)
Sound Level37 - 60 dBa
Fan Speeds5

In-depth Review of Bissell Air320 Air Purifier:

The Bissell Air320 is a stylish and powerful air purifier that can be spot-on for your home. The modern design will complement any decor, while its power leaves competitors in awe! With two models (the 220 & 320), you’re sure not to go wrong with this beauty of an item.

Many other companies are trying to copy this design concept, but they all fail in comparison! The same goes for its younger brother-the Bissel Air220; you won’t find anything less impressive than these two models when looking for an indoor purifier that will clean up your living quarters with ease while complementing any décor style.

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How to Install Bissell Air 320 Air Purifier

Bissell Air320 Size and Design

The Bissell air320 gives off a vintage, sophisticated look while also versatile enough to blend with any style or color. It features four mid-century style legs to give the illusion of stability on any surface type from wooden floors up through tiles or vinyl surfaces. In addition, these nifty feet also elevate its height, making cleaning under furniture easy.

The Bissell Air320 is a top-to-bottom airflow cleaner with perforated holes for the outlet grill at the top. This air cleaning machine weighs 19 pounds and measures 25 inches tall by 14.5 wide, so it’s not hard to move around! One carry handle makes transporting this larger device easy as well.”

I love that this air purifier is so compact and can be controlled by just one button like fan speed, indicator light to check your current quality of the indoor environment. I also like how this device notifies me with an LED light when air quality is perfect.

Bissell Air320 Easy to Control

Bissell Air320 Air Filter

The Bissell air320 is a high-quality air cleaner with 3 stage filtration system, including a separate fabric pre-filter and HEPA filter. It also includes Honeycomb activated carbon for maximum cleaning power!

  • Pre-Filter: The Bissell fabric pre-filter is a washable and permanent filter designed to protect the HEPA filter from large particles like pet hair, fur, or big dust. It also acts as a front cover, so you don’t have dirt getting inside it while in use!
  • HEPA Filter: The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter of the Bissell air320 effectively removes 99% or more particulates, including 0.3-micron particles. This means it can trap those smaller than this size, which is crucial for purifying your home’s air quality before you breathe in! The fine-mesh filter will stop at nothing to keep your home safe and clean, including pollen from trees or pet dander on furniture as well as dust specks in the corners which may have gathered during a time when you were out.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Honeycomb carbon is made of pores that h captures cooking odors, pet smells, and household VOCs. This filter can adsorb a variety of gases like formaldehyde and ammonia.

It’s no surprise that the Bissell air320 ranked high in trapping particles, and it performed better than some more expensive air purifiers like TruSens Z-2000 and Vornado AC550. But putting them all side by side showed that this air cleaner still has room for improvement compared with the Oreck air purifier or PCO300 from Vornado.

It is important to change your filters regularly because the air quality improves and gets better with each fresh new filter. Plus, this unit will never let you down with filter status indicators for both HEPA and carbon.

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Bissell Air320 Air Purifier Suitable Room Size

We were impressed to learn that the BISSELL Air320 is designed with a max square footage of 320 in 20 minutes, but it can also clean 1000 sq. ft. within one hour. This household air cleaner has an even better Pollen-free CADR rating than its big brother BISSELL Air400, so it’s perfect if you’re only concerned about getting rid of that pollen and don’t want anything else on your checklist! Moreover, the clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 206 cfm for dust, 198 cfm for smoke, and 241 cfm for pollen.

BISSELL Air320 Air Purifier Noise Level and Sound

I’ve tested the Bissell air320, and it has a noise level of 37dB at low fan speed. This is much higher than most other air cleaning machines. The Bissell air320 is not the quietest air purifier in its class, but it’s adequate. At high speeds with this air cleaning, machine noise levels can reach 60 dB, which could be too much for some living spaces. I am just going to say this: If someone is thinking about buying an air cleaner but doesn’t want it to be too loud, I would recommend another air purifier besides Bissell air320.

Power Consumption of Bissell air320

The Bissell air320 is a power-consuming device with an Energy Star rating that claims to be one of the best. Unfortunately for those who want energy efficiency in their air purification system, this product is not for them. It operates at 116 watts which makes its energy consumption unacceptable.

Bissell air320 Reviews for Additional Features

Automated CirQulate System

The Bissell air320 is a smart, efficient device that can automatically adjust to changes in the environment. The Automated CirQulate System ensures clean air with its Smart Sensor and color coded indoor feedback!

Sleep Mode

The Bissell Air320 air purifier is the perfect way to keep your home clean. It features an ambient light sensor that automatically turns off any lights on its Digital display so that you can sleep peacefully in between without distractions from bright screens or glowing LEDs!

PM 2.5 Sensor

The Bissell Air320 is a smart air purifier that not only helps to adjust the speed of its powerful fan but also checks for PM2.5 pollution levels and shows you the current count of all those pesky particles in your home or office on its beautiful dot matrix display!

Benefits and Drawback of Bissell Air320 

  • Pre-Filter for Large Particles
  • HEPA Filter for Tiny Pollutants
  • Activated Carbon Filter for Bad Odors and Smoke
  • Built Quality is Really Good
  • Digital Display
  • PM 2.5 Sensor
  • 100% Ozone Free
  • CARB Certified
  • Sleep Mode
  • Noisy
  • No Timer
  • No Child Lock
  • No Electronic Filter
  • Power Consumption is High

Bissell Air320 vs. Bissell Air400

NameBissell Air320Bissell Air400
ImageBissell Air320 ReviewBissell air400
Dimensions14.5 (W) X 8.5 (D) X 25 (H)24″H x 16″W x 9.8″D
Recommended Room Coverage320 Square Feet450 Square Feet
SensorPM 2.5PM 2.5
TimerNo1/4/8 Hrs.
Ozone FreeYesYes
Fan Speed55
Noise Level37 - 60 dB30 - 65 dB
Price Check Price Check Price

Final Words

Bissell’s new and improved Air320 is a beautiful air purifier perfect for any room in your home. With an effective filtration system, it will clean up the toxins from inside of our indoor environments while also adding some style points with its design-forward aesthetic that can be customized to fit whatever color scheme you’re going for!

Let’s face it, and you are paying for quality with this purifier. While the performance is excellent and there was no significant outcry from our tests. We found some flaws in their design that held them back from being one of the best big-name air purifier brands today. The noise level was only okay compared to other high priced air cleaners – not whisper-quiet at all like they claim on paper! And while a HEPA filter can help reduce unwanted particles inside your home, it simply isn’t as good as a True HEPA filter.2

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