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Do air purifiers increase oxygen? In one way, the answer is yes – but only if you compare them to traditional smoke detectors. Learn more about how air purifiers work and how they can help improve your home’s air quality. 

When most people think of air purifiers, they think of devices that help clean the air by removing contaminants like smoke, dust, and pet dander. However, did you know that many modern air purifiers also contain an oxygen sensor? This sensor monitors the amount of oxygen in the room and will activate the machine’s filter when it falls below a certain level.

Do Air Purifiers Increase Oxygen?

Some people believe that this increased level of oxygen can help boost energy levels and improve overall health. While there is no scientific proof of this claim, the oxygen sensor is definitely a useful safety feature. When activated, it can help alert you to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases that often accompany fire. Before You Buy – Know the Difference Between Air Purifiers and Smoke Detectors

Before buying an air purifier with an oxygen sensor, it’s important to know the difference between smoke detectors and air purifiers. While both devices may sound similar on the surface, they function completely differently.

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Can Air Purifiers Make Breathing Worse?

Air purifiers use HEPA filters to clean the air and remove contaminants. On the other hand, Smoke detectors are designed to detect dangerous levels of smoke from a fire – not outdoor pollutants or allergens. Air purifiers can help improve indoor air quality by reducing odors and harmful particles in your home. Smoke detectors, however, may not detect toxins in the air and may not protect you from the harmful effects of poor air quality.

In general, it’s a good idea to have both an air purifier and a smoke detector in your home. While they may not support the same benefits, they can work together to create a safer environment for you and your family.


Air purifiers are one of the most popular household gadgets that have been on the market for years. They can help filter out allergens, dust, and other particles from your home’s air to make it healthier for you and your family. However, do these devices increase oxygen levels? There is no scientific evidence proving this claim, so please let us know if you have any thoughts in the comments.

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