Do Air Purifiers Make the Room Cold in 2022?

Do air purifiers make the room cold? This is a question that many people have, and it’s a valid one. After all, when you see an air purifier for the first time, one of the first things you might notice is that it has a fan inside of it. And if there’s a fan, wouldn’t that mean that the machine would create a colder environment in the room? In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at whether or not air purifiers actually make rooms colder. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon to see what’s going on.

Do Air Purifiers Make the Room Cold?

As with many things in science, it can be somewhat hard to answer this question. If you sit down and think about it for a moment, though, there are a couple of explanations that will probably pop into your head.

When Does an Air Purifier Make the Room Colder?

So do air purifiers make rooms colder? The short answer is that, yes, they can. However, there are some times when this will happen, and other times when it won’t.

Consider this example: if you turn on an air purifier that has no fan inside of it, then the machine definitely isn’t going to make your room colder. The reason for this is because there’s no way for the machine to circulate air in your room.

If you leave it on, though, then the air purifier will start to do its job. Because of this, you’ll soon notice that there is more clean air in your room than was there before. This means that the air that remains in the room will be warmer. This is actually a very good thing for those who live in a cold area. It means that you won’t have to worry as much about your heating bills.

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Does An Air Purifier Work as a Fan?

Another thing that you might be wondering is whether or not an air purifier can work as a fan. As it turns out, they can’t. They do have fans inside them, but the way in which they are designed means that these fans cannot operate in the same manner as a regular fans.

If an air purifier with no fans was placed in a room with an opening, it wouldn’t do much. For instance, if the fan inside it was turned on while there was a window open that led outside, then you’d quickly find out that most of the air would just go outside. This means that it’s unable to cool down your room.

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Air purifiers are often designed to work with fans. This means that if you turn on the fan, it should start circulating air throughout your room. Keep in mind, though; there are some scenarios where this won’t necessarily happen.

For instance, let’s say that you have an air purifier with a fan inside it and that it’s turned on. If you place this purifier in a room with an open window, most of the air will go outdoors. This means that only a small amount is going to be circulated throughout your home instead of all of it.

Can I Use an Air Purifier as a Personal Fan?

Nowadays, some people buy air purifiers with fans in them to use as personal fans. Some of these are fairly small, making it easier for the user to carry them along with them wherever they go.


If you buy an air purifier that has a fan inside of it to use as a personal fan, make sure that the opening on the fan is fairly small. This will mean that only a small amount of air is going to come out at one time, and it’ll be concentrated in a specific area.

The Airflow Directions of an Air Purifier

When you’re shopping for an air purifier, make sure that you pay attention to the airflow direction. You’ll want one that can circulate air throughout your room, but if it only circulates the air in the same direction, then it’s likely not going to do much good.

If possible, try to find one with an oscillating fan to extend its reach. This will include an opening on the top of the machine, where most people place it when they’re using it in their home.

As you might imagine, air purifiers with fans are able to circulate more air throughout a room than those without fans.


We’ve seen this question come up a lot, so we thought it was time to answer. Air purifiers are great for cleaning the air in your home and office space, but they do not make the room noticeably colder or warmer. If you have any questions about how an air purifier might affect your living environment, contact us or let us know in the comments.

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