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It’s often challenging to clean an air purifier at home without any technical expertise. However; with some simple and easy steps, you can effectively clean your air purifier with utmost satisfaction without any risk of damage. Air purifiers play a vital role in keeping the indoor air quality of our home clean. Like any other machine, air purifiers also require routine maintenance that includes filter cleaning or replacement and many other processes to achieve the highest efficiency.

Wash Filters for Cleaning an Air Purifier

Air purifiers work twice more effectively if their filters are not clogged with dust, allergens, and several other airborne pollutants. Most of the Air purifiers are equipped with washable filters that are easy to clean and wash at home. However; if your air purifier contains a HEPA filter that is quite effective against dust, mold, and bacteria, then you need to do some research first because some HEPA filters are washable while some of them can be only replaced. Even if the air purifier filter is not washable, you can still clean it with a vacuum cleaner or blower to remove the dust particles out of it. In a long run, it’s suggested to completely replace the HEPA filter with a new one if it’s non-washable.

Remember, regular or one-time cleaning of the air purifiers will not only increase their lifespan but it will also increase its performance significantly.

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Dry the Filter Completely After Cleaning

Do not rush to put the filter back to its position after washing it. Make sure that it’s completely dry otherwise a wet filter will start growing mold in it and it will be clogged early. It’s recommended to place the filter open-air, particularly in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours before using it.

For Cleaning an Air Purifier You Need the Right Tools

If you are cleaning your air purifier for the first time, then you should first arrange all the essential tools such as screwdrivers, a new filter, vacuum cleaner, or a blow dryer. It’s also recommended to gently handle all the screws of your air purifier otherwise you may damage the plastic body of your air purifier accidentally.

Test It First

Once you are done with filter replacement and you have successfully closed its filter cover, now it’s time to test the air purifier to see whether it has recognized the filter or not. If the air purifier is unable to recognize the filter, it means that it’s not properly adjusted so you need to again fix it with the right adjustments.


Wrap Up: How to Clean an Air Purifier

Before you clean an air purifier, you should always read its complete user manual first and follow the exact steps suggested by the manufacturer. Regular maintenance of your air purifier will provide you with a clean and healthy indoor environment that will protect everyone in your house from the harmful effects of airborne pollutants. You can also increase the lifespan of your air purifier with regular cleaning as the stress on its fan will be reduced significantly.

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us if you have recently successfully cleaned your air purifier; let us know how well its performance has been improved.

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