How to Get Rid of Dust in the Air 2022 -Tips for Removing Dust in Air

How to get rid of dust in the air is the most common question that everyone is worried about. Dust is a very common irritant that mainly comes from dead skin cells, furniture, bedding, clothing, and many other sources. It might seem harmless if we look at it overall, but it can be also harmful to some people especially those who are suffering from any respiratory illness. The continuous inhaling of dust can irritate our lung airways and it can also cause some serious respiratory complications if the prolonged exposure to dust isn’t minimized.

We understand it’s nearly impossible to completely remove dust from air, however; some quick and easy tips can help you to reduce all the dust floating in the air without doing any hassles.  In this article, we will try to highlight those particular ways that will aid you to eliminate uncontrollable dust in house in no time.

How to Remove Dust from Air? Easy Tips and Guide

1. Use Air Purifier for Removing Dust from Air

Using an air purifier for dust is one of the most effective and long term ways to prevent dust. It’s an excellent machine that works with HEPA filters to remove almost 99% of the dust particles from the air to provide you with clean and healthy indoor air. If the environment outside your house is polluted and it also invades your house through windows and doors, then placing an air purifier is the only solution for you. However; not everyone can afford to buy an air purifier due to its expensive cost, we will also discuss some cheap alternatives too which are almost equally effective.

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2. Clean the Closets Frequently

Closets are also known as a stronghold of dust because the tiny dust particles attached to clothes, towels, and bedding can collect inside the closet. The only way to ensure complete elimination of dust from a closet is to organize everything that is kept inside the closet. Use separate garment bags or plastic containers to keep the things inside as it will prevent the dust activity in the closet. You can also use a vacuum cleaner in your closet after every 2 3 days to keep everything in control.

3. Change Your Bedding Weekly

Bed is one of the most common sources of dust inside the room as whenever we sleep on our bed just after coming from outside, it leaves tiny dust particles on the bedsheet and it grows from time to time until we change the bedsheet. To minimize the dust flow on the bed, you have to wash the bed sheets and pillowcases on weekly basis; it will help you to eliminate dust up to 90%. However; we understand that blankets cannot be washed on weekly basis; you can shake them outside in the open air to remove the dust particles once in a week.

4. Use Fabric Softener

As we all know that our clothes are often charged with micro-sized electric current, it helps to attract the tiny dust particles on our clothes. This entire process spreads the dust everywhere in our house especially on the bed, couch, and other areas where we sit and sleep. To avoid this problem, you can use a simple fabric softener liquid on these areas to clean the dust because dusting can again throw the dust particles in the air.

5. Mop the Floors

Dust usually settles down on surfaces after a few minutes, to get rid of dust effectively, you have to use a wet mop in order to clean the floors especially after vacuuming. You can also use any anti-bacterial floor cleaner liquid with a mop as it will effectively kill the allergens and other pollutants on the floor.

6. Change Your Furnace Filter

If you are desperately searching for how to reduce dust and still haven’t found anything effective, you should try something different now. If your house or office has an advanced heating and cooling distribution system and you haven’t changed the furnace filter for over a long period of time, then it might be the main culprit behind your problem. Even if you have recently replaced the filter, but still using a poor quality filter can give away to dust. Try to change the filter with a high-quality one that could help to reduce the dust buildup.

7. Take Your Shoes Off

The soles of your shoes are also one of the strongholds for dust because they are directly exposed to settled ground dust throughout the day. However; you have to make a rule in your house to prevent everyone from bringing the outside dirt into your room. You should place a rug outside your room or in the entering area of your house so that anyone can take off the shoes and walk inside with full comfort.

Final Words: How to Get Rig of Dust in the Air

Unfortunately, dust is a reality and we cannot completely eliminate it. We have tried our utmost to discuss the proven and effective ways to answer the question how to get rid of dust in the air. However; we will recommend you go for an air purifier dust removal method especially if you have any respiratory problems.

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