Best Tips on How to Use an Air Purifier for Maximum Benefits

Choosing a reliable air purifier alone is not enough to take full benefit out of it, you need to learn how to use an air purifier properly otherwise it will be useless. We have done our in-depth research and concluded some basic tips to get the maximum benefit out of an air cleaner.

Remember, Air cleaning machines are one of the most trusted ways to get rid of several harmful indoor contaminants and there are several other remarkable air purifier uses especially if your house lacks a proper ventilation system. However; you need to use it properly as we are going to discuss in this article.

Tips for How to Use an Air Purifier

1. How to Use an Air Purifier in a Limited Space

Have you ever wondered where to place an air purifier in the house? Well, choosing the correct location in your house for an air purifier is one of the most common debates. As we all know that air purifiers require a significant breathing space to work efficiently, you should always place it in a location which is wide and clear enough from all 4 sides to provide enough breathing space to the air purifier without blocking its air circulation. Your air purifier will be able to work twice more effectively by removing allergens from the air if it’s placed properly with enough space. Moreover; you should also find a specific place in your house with a flat surface to ensure maximum stability and performance.

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2. Do not turn it off

We have seen many people who turn off air purifiers for some time to save some electricity cost or they have a myth in their mind that it will heat up. Well, modern-day air cleaners offer excellent power efficiency and you can keep them running 24/7 without any hassles. If you want a cleaner and safe indoor environment without any allergens, then you should avoid turning off the air cleaner even for a minute.

3. Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

If you want a clean indoor environment in your house with an air purifier, then you must close all the windows and doors to allow it to work properly. Remember, opening the doors and windows can allow allergens to enter your house and as a result, you will not get the expected performance for your air cleaning machine. The fresh air from outside often contains wildfire smoke, car exhaust, and several other pollutants, they can replace the clean air which is already present inside the room due to an air cleaner.

4. Keep an Eye on Filters Frequently

The built-in HEPA filtration system inside air purifiers needs to be replaced annually otherwise your air purifier will not deliver the expected performance. If your air cleaner is equipped with washable filters, then you must wash them weekly to ensure flawless performance and efficient cleaning. Air filters play a key role in the working of an air cleaner because all the pollutants and allergens are trapped inside the filter, poor filter cleaning may result in clogging.

Conclusion: How to Use an Air Purifier

If you are still wondering what does an air purifier do? Then you must check our other relevant posts where we have discussed its complete working mechanism in detail. We hope you will now get the best performance from your air purifier, Remember, most of the times it’s not the fault of our air cleaning machine if it’s not giving the satisfactory performance. With proper use, even a low-quality air cleaner will deliver excellent performance.

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