Winix HR 900 Review in 2022 – Ultimate Pet Air Purifier Pros and Cons

The Winix HR900 is the perfect way to keep your home clean and healthy for you, as well as all of your furry friends. With features such as double pre-filtration and dust sensor, this product will provide you peace of mind knowing that the inside of your house remains clean without any worries about holding onto germs or allergens. The newer models have superseded it, but this basic model still offers plenty of value for those looking into getting their furry friends clean air in or out!

I’m going to check if this air purifier is still good or not in our Winix HR900 Review.

Winix HR900 Review

Winix HR 900 Air Purifier Specifications

NameWinix HR900
SensorsTriple Smart Sensors
Energy Consumption55 Watts
Filtration5 Stages
CADR Pollen220
CADR Dust200
CADR Smoke194
Air Changes Per Hour5X
Purifier FiltrationUltimate Pet Pre-Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
True HEPA Filter
Room Coverage300 Square Feet
Sleep ModeYes
Remote ControlNo
Air Quality IndicatorYes
Dimensions16.3W" x 9.6D" x 23.6H"
Sound Level26 dB
Fan Speeds5

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In-depth Review of Winix HR 900 Air Purifier:

Winix HR900, only one of the three Ultimate Pet Series, has a double pre-filtration system and is cheaper than Winix HR950 and HR1000. It’s an affordable alternative to their more expensive counterparts with similar features and some great advantages over them! Not only do they come in smaller models, but this particular model also has double pre-filtration capabilities, which can help you save money on replacement filters or extra cleaning sessions if needed while still providing comparable results – all without sacrificing any filtration power whatsoever.

Winix HR 900 Air Purifier Design and Size

The innovative design of Winix’s HR900 series is to be able to pull in as much polluted air as possible from all directions. The 23″ tall unit will have the same build quality, dimensionality, and color scheme as its counterpart, HR1000. The Winix HR900 is quite classy. The white plastic body makes it stand out among other air purifiers on the market today, and its side grill covered in rubber helps to keep your home clean by catching pet hair faster than you can imagine!

You’ll also appreciate how lightweight (18 lbs.) this machine feels when moved from room to room, making moving around pretty easy.

Winix HR 900 Air Purifier Filters

The Winix HR900 is a 5-stage air purifier that features an advanced cleaning system. However, the one found in the flagship model does not use this same technology but instead has been designed from scratch to improving on all previous models by being more effective and efficient with its filtration capabilities while also lasting much longer between cleanings.

  • Ultimate Pet Pre-Filter: This filter can trap pet hair, fur, and even pet dander. However, it’s challenging to find an air purifier in the price range that includes a pre-filter like these at all! This pre-filter can easily break from use but needs replacing regularly.
  • Pre-Filter: This washable fine mesh pre-filter removes the large objects of pollutants, so your primary filters will last longer.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: The Activated Carbon filter deals with the VOCs, pet odor, and chemicals to keep your indoor air fresh.
  • True HEPA Filter: The True HEPA filter is a powerful tool in the fight against particles. It removes 99.97% of down to 0.3 microns mold spores, pollen, no bacteria or germs will be able to fly back out with its exceptional filtration power that can capture even microscopic pests!
  • Winix PlasmaWave: PlasmaWave is an excellent technology that will safely break apart allergens, reducing the number of harmful particles in your home. People with asthma or allergies may experience irritation, but the Winix HR900 lets you turn this off, making it particularly useful!

Winix HR 900 Air Purifier Room Coverage

The Winix HR900 is a medium-sized room air purifier, perfect for 300 square feet. This product can clean your home every 15 minutes and still maintain its efficiency in small rooms! The large fan makes sure that all parts of the house get equally affected by this machine’s special cleaning process, which will help you breathe easier without worrying about unhealthy indoor air quality.”

The independent test of AHAM shows that this particular model’s dust CADR is 200 cfm; it’s Pollen CADR 220 cfm while also having a good Smoke CVR 194 for those who want their home safe without smelling like cigarettes or marijuana smoke! With up to 300 square feet coverage area, it might be worth considering. If you need a more powerful air cleaner than Coway offers, 1512HH is available on Amazon right now.

Winix HR 900 Air Purifier Sound and Noise Level

The internal system of this Winix HR900 seems to be a combination of the quieter but still effective P300 and HR950 models. It can operate quietly, with 26 dB as its noise level limit (like other successful air purifiers). We don’t have an official number for how loud it actually is, though – so we won’t test any potential output levels just yet!

Winix HR 900 Power Consumption

The Winix HR900 portable home air purifier has a disadvantage in that the power consumption (55 watts) is quite higher than the BreatheSmart 45i. However, when compared to other appliances, this isn’t too much of an issue as there is also an Auto mode that manages your fan speed so you can reduce energy consumption even more!

Winix HR 900 Additional Features

In addition to purifying your air, many modern day air cleaners come equipped with extra features that make them simple and convenient.

Smart Sensors

Now you have no excuse for not keeping your bedroom clean. Smart sensors monitor three things in the room: airborne particles, odors, and light – then send a signal to the air purifier to make changes! These are key factors that should be considered when buying an indoor unit for quality assurance! With 3 different colors available (blue/yellow or red), you always know how clean or poor-quality your environment is at any given time.

Auto Mode

The Smart Sensor of the Winix HR900 is a great way to have your air purifier work for you. When in Auto Mode, it will automatically change fan speed based on how dirty or clean things are getting inside so that there’s always fresh filtered oxygen flowing through any room with this thing running!

Sleep Mode

The Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier can sense the amount of ambient light and automatically turn the fan speed setting to low so that your sleep doesn’t get disturbed. Still, it has a Sleep mode for a special use in bedrooms that switches lights off when the unit is activated and an automatic lighting sensor.

Child Lock

Your air purifier is safe from little hands! This smart feature ensures that kids can’t change the settings on your air purifier.

Air Quality Indicator

This LED light strip notifies you about the air quality in your room. Blue = Good, Amber = Fair and Red -Poor

This is the newest invention for home, or office use is an easy way to monitor pollution levels without expensive equipment by using this air cleaner! The green LED lights up when it’s safe indoor air but will turn red if there are unhealthy particles floating around due to mold, spores, pollen, cigarette smoke, and VOCs.

Benefits and Drawback of Winix HR900 Air Purifier

  • Ultimate Pet Pre-Filter
  • Pre-Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • True HEPA Filter
  • Winix PlasmaWave
  • Great Performance
  • Smart Features
  • Sleep Mode
  • Air Quality Indicator
  • Quiet OPeration
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • No Remote Control
  • No Smartphone Enable

Winix HR900 vs Winix 5500-2

NameWinix HR900Winix 5500-2
ImageWinix HR900 ReviewWinix 5500-2 Air Purifier
Dimensions16.3W" x 9.6D" x 23.6H"15 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches
Recommended Room Coverage300 Square Feet360 Square Feet
SensorTriple Smart SensorsOdor sensor and ambient light sensor
Power Consumption55W70W
Fan Speed54
Noise Level26 dB27- 54 dB
Price Check Price Check Price

Final Words

Finally, the Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet is a great air purifier for pet owners. It features PlasmaWave technology, which enables it to get on with cleaning without manual settings changes, and you also get all kinds of additional features that make life easier for people like us who have pets in their home – including HEPA filtration systems, so even tiny particles like pollen go through easily enough! If we had one word to describe this product, it’s probably adorable.

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